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About Jamie Carney

What makes Jamie the right person for your project? Read his story and you decide.

The Short Version

Jamie comes from a family of artists and has been using computers from a very early age. He has spent the last 18 years working in the web and graphics industry, completing projects for companies as large as Hewlett Packard and Intel. Jamie has developed a brood range of skills to offer clients, including all aspects of web development and graphic design. For a full list of services click here. Ready for a free estimate click here.

The Long Version

The Early Years

Jamie Carney is an artist both in the traditional and digital field. Born into a creative family of artist’s and encouraged to draw since a very young age, Jamie has a natural talent for originality and precision that can be seen in his traditional artwork. Around the age of 10 Jamie was given a Commodore 64 computer. This was his introduction to simple pixels and programming, picking up BASIC and writing simple games.


While living in Hawaii in the early 90’s Jamie completed a 3D animation internship at Big Kahuna Productions on Maui and went on to work for the company. Besides working on commercial 3D projects, he also assisted with remote 3D rendering tests on the Maui High Performance Computing Center and blue screen video compositing for interactive CD-Rom's. Also with HTML and the introduction of Netscape, Jamie made his first graphic based website during this period.

Silicon Valley

During the beginning of the dot.com boom Jamie moved to Santa Cruz, California, where he worked for various award-winning Silicon Valley web and design firms. He honed his skills in both animation and web development. There was also a brief project sculpting life-size Dr Suess characters for Universal Studios, but that story is for another day. Continuing to use 3D Studio Max and Photoshop he also began diving heavily into website design, HTML , javascript and later Flash. He also worked on early avatar based chatrooms, live video streaming and VR. A few years after Jamie began using it, Flash became a major content delivery platform. Soon a majority of his work was Flash based. Flash was perfect for combining 3D, graphics, programming (actionscript), and sound editing, all skills Jamie possessed, to deliver fully interactive websites and presentations. Just as Jamie started advancing up the corporate ladder the dot.bomb hit and companies started failing left and right.

Santa Cruz

Jamie saw the writing on the wall and decided to start freelancing. This was a tough time for everybody as companies streamlined, threw out the creative folks and focusing on online applications. For Jamie this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Building up a client base from scratch, it forced him to combine his traditional art skills with his digital knowledge and offer an even wider range of services. This including custom artwork, logos, business cards, posters, t-shirts, letterheads, etc. He stayed on top of mobile trends as cell phones took over and mastered Wordpress as it emerged as a major website platform. And as Flash projects dried up due to the iPhone no longer supporting it, Jamie started taking on more animation and motion effects work.


A few years ago Jamie decide to move back to his childhood home of Kauai where his family still resides. He continues to take on projects of all types, building websites up to the latest standards and advancing his knowledge of all things internet and design related. Over the course of freelancing for 13 years Jamie developed a strong work ethic and at this point has a steady flow of both repeat customers and new projects.

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